This week we continue with our employee spotlight series, Ghost Sighting 👻, and are spending some time getting to know Ghost’s Chief Financial Officer, Jesse Saunders.

Jesse was born, raised, and still lives in Southern California surrounded by family and childhood friends. He’s got a very full house with four kids, ages 12,10, 2, and 2-months, who keep him very busy!

Let’s dive into our conversation with Jesse!

What does a typical weekend look like for you? What do you like to do when not working?

Well, when we’re not sitting in the bleachers watching a kid’s softball, football or basketball game, we’re probably doing something else to keep them entertained! In those off chances where we actually have some free time we love to travel or go camping, hiking, fishing, or anything else outdoors. You may also find me working on my ‘68 Chevelle or some other project with the help of little hands.

What’s your role and responsibilities at Ghost?

This is what I love about startups; it’s anything and everything. Besides managing the finance and accounting functions, I do whatever else is needed to ensure the company, our team, and our investors are primed for success.

What’s one of your favorite tv series and what do you like about it?

Like so many others I’ve been sucked into the Yellowstone series as of late. Everytime I watch it makes me want to grab my backpack and fly rod and go. Usually though it’s any type of historical documentary. It’s fascinating to see how past civilizations, events, and people shaped the world we know today.

What made you join the Ghost team?

The founding team. Having worked with one of them in the past I already knew the caliber at which he operates and of those who he would surround himself with. Then, when I got the opportunity to meet the rest of the team, it just confirmed it. Finding an opportunity where you can connect with a team not just on a professional level but also in terms of personal interests is rare so it was an easy decision!

As you look at the next year at Ghost, what excites you the most?

Without a doubt the release of our first product. To go from an idea to a product that has such great benefits for our customers is a testament to the talent and hard work of everyone on the team and I’m excited for them to see the fruits of their effort.