This week we’re bringing you our first Ghost Sighting of the new year! Take a few moments to get to know Owen Rumney - a Ghost joining us from the United Kingdom.

Owen, give us some background about yourself!

I’m based in Northampton in the UK, making up half of Ghost’s UK contingent. I’ve been with the company for two and a bit months, having joined in November 2022. I live here with my wife, Stephanie, and two teenage children, George and Sophie. We have two dogs, Poppy, the elderly pretty one you see below, and Penny, my fantastic idiot puppy!


How’d you end up in this industry?

I’ve been in IT since I joined the RAF (UK Air Force) straight from school, initially working in deployed communications and IT. From there, I worked as a software developer and platform engineer across many industries, including Gas and Oil, Formula 1, and retail, covering areas from data engineering to platform security.

I have recently been working on tooling to help developers write secure code. Coming from a developer background, I have a clear idea of what I want tools and services to do to make my life easier, and I want to make tools that tick those boxes.

What about Ghost Security made you want to join the team?

I knew a couple of people at Ghost from a previous role and had half an eye on what they were doing. As soon as Ghost emerged and the careers page was posted, I knew that there would be some cool tech being made and there would be the chance to work with really smart people.

Tell us about what you do outside of work?

As trite as it sounds, I’m lucky enough to have a crossover between my job and my hobbies. I enjoy coming up with open-source projects which a few people like to use. When I’m not doing that, I’m in the kitchen cooking and baking my daughter’s birthday cakes or walking round the UK countryside with Poppy and Penny.

As you look at the next year with Ghost Security, what excites you the most?

I have joined in the early stage where we're really starting to see the product come to life. I’m excited to see customers start using it and getting their feedback on what they like and what they really wish it did. There is something pretty great about being there at the start when everything is just coming together and seeing things really take off.