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The Ghost team is committed to developing and contributing to technical projects that benefit the security community. We are passionate about creating solutions that are secure, dependable, and user-friendly.


Utilize sophisticated attack workflows. No expertise required. 

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A modern, resource-efficient tool for Linux, MacOS, and Windows for cross-platform reconnaissance, attack proxy, and attack workflow automation.
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Combines traffic proxy, interception, request tampering, parameter fuzzing, and more into a single tool with a slick, drag-and-drop interface.
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Enables users to systematically expose and exploit web application vulnerabilities.
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Offers an easy and repeatable method for exporting and importing workflows to promote collaboration and reuse.

WAF Bypass Toolkit

Test the effectiveness of your WAF implementation in seconds.

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Demonstrate how easy it is to bypass the WAF by surpassing maximum payload limitations. 
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Using WAF BTK as a local man in the middle proxy allows you to quickly see the effects of triggering a bypass of any given WAF.
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Highlight how crucial it is to bring dynamic security detection capabilities to your web apps and APIs.

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