Secure Your AWS Cloud Applications

Seamlessly integrate the Ghost Platform with your AWS environment for comprehensive protection of your entire application infrastructure in mere minutes.

Uncover every app and API within your AWS environment

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization's publicly accessible apps and their alignment with your internal AWS infrastructure in minutes. Utilize Ghost's seamless integrate with your AWS environment for effortless deployment, eliminating guesswork, and boosting confidence in your API security strategy without requiring technical expertise.

AWS Complete Visibility Ghost Platform

Instantly detect misconfigurations and application threats in real-time

Say goodbye to cumbersome, manual sensor deployment to each API you wish to monitor. With the Ghost Platform, ensure complete visibility and ongoing, real-time analysis of your app traffic through AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring. Set baseline standards for acceptable behavior and get instant alerts the moment any abnormal activity arises.

Automatically block attacks through seamless AWS integrations

Scale attack prevention across all application surfaces through seamless integration with your AWS WAF. While WAFs (Web Application Firewalls) excel at signature-based blocking of known threats, they often falter in identifying previously unrecognized malicious behavior. By directly transmitting block commands from Ghost's detections to your AWS WAF, you can preemptively neutralize threats before attackers can capitalize on vulnerabilities.