Empower Your Team to Tackle API Threats with Vital Context & Streamlined Prioritization

Significantly decrease Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) with immediate threat identification and alerting, providing your team with the contextual information necessarily to swiftly mitigate attacks.

Neutralize app & API attacks at lightning speed with real-time detection

Ghost’s monitoring capabilities dynamically track API usage, traffic patterns, and authentication attempts in real-time. By monitoring API interactions, security teams are promptly notified of any suspicious activities or unusual behaviors that may indicate a security incident. This rapid detection empowers teams to take immediate response actions, minimizing the potential impact of API-related security breaches.

Critical Insights Dashboard Ghost Platform

Make informed decisions with actionable remediation recommendations

Empower analysts and developers with actionable insights to quickly address alerts and misconfigurations, offering a prioritized roadmap to lower risk. Streamline decision-making by dynamically analyzing attack path feasibility, resource exploitability, and overall impact on the organization, enabling targeted actions for maximum effectiveness.

App API Usage Patterns Ghost Platform

Ensure continuous visibility into API usage patterns

Ghost dynamically scrutinizes API traffic, providing security teams with historical insights into their environment's typical usage patterns. This deep comprehension of normal API behavior empowers incident responders to pinpoint the onset of potentially malicious activity during security incidents. Rapid identification of sudden spikes in API requests or unauthorized access attempts by the Ghost Platform can signify an ongoing attack or security breach, triggering immediate notifications for prompt investigation and response.