Discover the Dynamics
Between Apps & APIs

Stay ahead of threats, vulnerabilities, and areas of heightened risk by mastering the intricate web of connections within your app infrastructure.

Immediately identify and take action on unusual behavior

Automatically establish a dynamic baseline of normal, expected behavior across users, apps, and APIs, guaranteeing immediate detection of unusual activity. The fusion of in-depth knowledge about your app infrastructure with live monitoring equips you with the real-time security muscle to thwart modern attacks. 

Immediately identify and alert on unusual behavior

Identify sensitive data and detect unexpected exposure

The Ghost Platform actively identifies and logs every app and API involved in transmitting or receiving sensitive data, classifying each with tags such as PII, PCI, PHI, or customized tags to meet the specific requirements of your organization or industry. Get immediate alerts regarding changes in how that sensitive data is accessed or conveyed, halting its potential misuse.

Prevent attacks that WAFs and API gateways miss

Prevent modern attacks that legacy solutions miss

To effectively prevent modern, prevalent attack types, like BOLA and Broken Authentication, as outlined in the OWASP Top 10 API Security List, it is imperative to go beyond signature-based detection of established threats. Ghost retains a profound grasp on traffic and usage patterns, but also comprehends the velocity, variety, and volume of data flowing through your apps and APIs. This enables you to combat attacks reliant on behavior-based detection and outmaneuver conventional security tools such as Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and API gateways.