Supernatural Application Security

Pinpoint, prioritize, and remove the most pressing threats to your applications and APIs.

A new approach to application security

Ghost simplifies application security, automatically prioritizing potential threats for analysts. 
With our ability to understand how attackers could access your most valuable assets, Ghost reduces mountains of alerts and data points to only the most relevant information, increasing efficiency and reducing frustration - we do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Malcolm Harkins

Former CISO, Intel
What’s exciting about the Ghost platform is that it removes the complex and invasive processes required to protect applications and APIs making this type of technology more accessible to organizations across the globe.

Tom Reilly

Former CEO, ArcSight, Cloudera
Ten years ago APIs were used to facilitate communications between monolithic applications. Today, apps are built with microservices that are connected with APIs. APIs are now the core programming language and represent the most vulnerable aspects of modern applications.

Chris Hoff

Former Security Leader, Bank of America
Rebuilding and rearchitecting application security from the ground up is essential and necessary to address the modern challenges organizations face. Ghost's approach enables organizations to better analyze, scale, and protect their apps and APIs with the most relevant insights.

Ryan Permeh

Co-Founder, Chief Scientist, Cylance
Machine learning and AI give a legitimate path to solving some of cyber security's biggest challenges. The team at Ghost is well-equipped to harness these tools to tackle arguably one of the most important of these problems - modern application security. 

Eerily Effective Application Security

Remove distractions and focus on critical business risks.

Ghost's comprehensive knowledge of your app infrastructure and attack surface enables the prioritization of threats based on their risk to your business and their access to valuable assets. Ensure analysts and developers are only responding to high-priority items.

Reduce operational friction with automation and ease of use.

Ghost is up and running in seconds, instantly inventorying apps and APIs, baselining acceptable behavior, and proactively detecting threats and suspicious activity. So seamless you won't even know it's there.

Application security that keeps pace with digital innovation.

Security shouldn’t hinder innovation. Ghost stays ahead of the curve as applications evolve, automatically detecting and mapping changes. With continuous, end-to-end traffic monitoring, threats are identified faster than ever before.