We recently introduced a new series, Ghost Sighting 👻, which gives us the opportunity to put the spotlight on the most important part of Ghost - the people. This week, we head over to the Engineering team to get to know Brad Geesaman.

Brad joined the Ghost team about two months ago and his focus is to enable the team in building secure, robust SaaS platform capabilities.


Let’s start off with everybody’s favorite question. What are three fun facts about yourself?

As a teenager, I was a professional ice cream dipper and once made a 7-scoop cone on a dare. As a personal rule: any time I’m near an ocean, I have to stand barefoot where the waves meet the sand. During the holiday season, I enjoy making a special chocolate covered, buttercream style candy called “Opera Fudge” originally from South-Central Pennsylvania from a recipe passed down to me by my Mother.

You’ve got a pair of free plane tickets to anywhere in the world. Where do you go and who do you go with?

Italy with my spouse. It might be cliche’, but I’ve been all over Europe and haven’t been in Italy to experience the food and wine first hand yet.

What about Ghost made you want to join the team?

For me, the key for joining was the founding team. Collectively, there is a wide range of experience and success across several areas of InfoSec and many different organizations working on different security domains. It was clear from the first conversations that the goal was to set an aggressive target and build the best team possible to go after it, and that’s held true. I wanted to be a part of that success.

How’d you end up in this industry?

When I took my first job out of college as a Systems Engineer, I gravitated toward the network security tasks like configuring firewalls, routers, and VPNs. That, and I always had a love for Linux system administration and OS hardening. That fed into being a penetration tester and the passion for learning the offensive side as well. Building Capture-the-Flag (CTF) environments was a mix of all that, and eventually, we moved that to containers running in the cloud. Cloud security, security consulting, containers, and Kubernetes have been my focus ever since.

Tell us about your role at Ghost? What are you currently working on that excites you?

I’m a Staff Security Engineer here at Ghost, and my role is to seek out ways to guide and support my fellow team members to make sure we are always focused on what matters and maintaining a positive work/life balance.

Having been in the cloud and container security industry for over a decade as an offensive-minded practitioner, consultant, and architect, I’m excited to be working with other brilliant minds and engineers to build a platform and capabilities that we can be extremely proud of and solve real pain points.

What’s your ideal vacation look like?

Modest accommodations close to a sandy beach with clear blue water, minimal distractions, a few good books, a few good naps in a hammock, and going out to the local restaurants for dinner.