When my co-founders, Josh Larsen and Eric Cornelius, and I decided to embark on a journey to protect modern applications, we jointly concluded that application security (a critical pillar of cyber security) and the technology for protecting modern apps is woefully outdated, ineffective, and in some cases, nonexistent. This is particularly true for APIs, microservices, and serverless computing.

How could this be? Well, I believe this is a complicated space where debate rages about whose responsibility it is to create and maintain secure applications. Surely, it’s on the developers?  Nobody would argue that they have a big responsibility there, but let's face it: humans make mistakes. Most developers are incentivized primarily to ship code fast, not necessarily always securely.  Shifting security responsibility left is important to reducing costs and solving problems at the core, but it’s not practical to shift to the point nothing remains on the right to catch mistakes made in production.

Enter Ghost Security. 

Our mission is simple: to actively protect modern applications at scale during run-time. We believe that prior application security technologies like signature-focused controls (DAST, WAF) are dated and largely ineffective for protecting today's modern applications. Moreover, those controls were created before most of the modern application technology, such as APIs, microservices, containers, or even the cloud, existed!

It’s time for a new stack of technologies that can defend modern apps today and for the foreseeable future. Ghost is up to the challenge and is proud to solve it with the Ghost Security Platform. The team at Ghost is fired up about our mission and what we have built so far.

If you're a defender frustrated with paying for a stack of largely ineffective tools, we should talk.  We would love to engage potential new design partners.

If you work in this field and are looking for the next big thing in cyber, we are hiring a variety of positions and we would love to talk to you.

Thanks for reading. Now back to protecting those modern apps! 👻

Co-Founder and CEO

Co-founder and CEO