Application security provider, Ghost Security, unveils Ghost Labs, its research and development arm, along with Reaper, an open source, modern attack proxy designed to streamline and standardize workflows.

Ghostland, USA  - Today, Ghost Security announced the launch of Ghost Labs, an extension of the company where developers, engineers, and researchers can collaborate on projects, share ideas, and create innovative solutions. Open source projects and advanced threat research are essential to the growth of the tech industry, and with the launch of Ghost Labs, Ghost Security is demonstrating their commitment to the community.

“Leaving space for unbridled creativity and innovation is a nonnegotiable,” said Josh Larsen, Ghost Security’s Chief Technology Officer. “This type of environment gives team members the freedom to bring new, big ideas to the table that may fit outside the lines of traditional product development. Ghost Labs provides the opportunity for everyone to come together and create something amazing.”

Additionally, the Ghost Security team is launching Reaper, the next generation of visual tooling for building, automating, and collaborating on testing modern web applications and APIs. Reaper is designed to be easy to use and understand, with a graphical user interface that allows users to quickly create, execute, and share workflows. 

“Identifying exploits is a big part of the Ghost Platform, our flagship product. When looking for a repeatable way to uncover and attack these, we found existing solutions to be tedious and hard to replicate. Building our own replacement was the only option,” said Eric Cornelius, Chief Product Officer at Ghost Security. “With Reaper, everyone in the organization can leverage the value of sophisticated attack workflows without having to be an expert.”

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