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"I must admit I rarely buy software these days - I just stick to the free versions, but after seeing the great work in GhostWall I tried your other products and was introduced to a whole new world of security software. All of your applications will have a spot on our family computers, thanks again."
John W. - Texas, USA

"You listened to my advice about AppDefend and implemented the changes, not many businesses listen these days to their users, a big tick in my book."
Alexander C. - Russia

"With the alerts RegDefend gives me when programs (or bugs) try to edit the registry, I have full control of whether they are allowed to or not. Having this type of control has saved me from having viruses and spyware from embedding themselves in my registry. If you are looking for the ultimate computer security (which is also light on computer resources) you cannot do any better than RegDefend and AppDefend."
Shawn A. - Michigan USA