DataThieves Ghost Security provides security software, both shareware and freeware, designed to be efficient with no bloat and optimal features.

Whether you need protection against rootkits, viruses, spyware and worms or simply want increased protection for your network and registry, Ghost Security can provide it.

Organized criminals and hackers are always looking for a vulnerable machine. Even if you have updated your anti-virus, installed the latest Microsoft updates and are careful of opening strange emails you are still at risk!

Don't take chances - protect yourself with the best security software money can buy from Ghost Security - and make yourself invisible to hackers, crackers, and criminals.

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RegDefend is a kernel based registry protection system, designed to use as few resources as possible.

Instead of polling the registry looking for changes, RegDefend intercepts the changes before they occur.

RegDefend comes preconfigured to protect the most vulnerable areas of your registry, only alerting you when something important is about to be modified or deleted.

RegDefend is a part of the Ghost Security Suite, a unique system designed to minimize resource usage and eliminate wasteful programming methods.

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"With the alerts RegDefend gives me when programs (or bugs) try to edit the registry, I have full control of whether they are allowed to or not. Having this type of control has saved me from having viruses and spyware from embedding themselves in my registry. If you are looking for the ultimate computer security (which is also light on computer resources) you cannot do any better than RegDefend and AppDefend."
Shawn A. - Michigan USA

"I can't list how many times Ghost Security products have helped us track down problems on errant machines at our workplace, well worth the small investment."
Gerald N. - Hong Kong

"I just wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for your new program Appdefend. I have come to appreciate how much your first program Regdefend protects the registry from software making changes in critical areas without my knowledge. Appdefend extends that protection, by an order of magnitude, by extending that protection to applications on my system."
Peter S. - Washington DC, USA