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The easiest way to purchase our software is with a credit card. Doing this ensures you get your licenses within 5-30 minutes of purchasing. Once you click on what you want to buy you will be given the option to purchase using credit card, fax, mail or phone.

PAYPAL customers send money to indicating what you want to purchase, and the price shown.

Unlimited Licenses?

An unlimited personal license lets you install the application on an UNLIMITED number of home or personal computers. Wife has a laptop? Then you can install it on that aswell as your main computer and your own laptop!

A single license can only be installed on ONE machine, whether yours, your friends or your wifes.


Real customer opinions!

"Thank you for tracking down the problem I was having on my machine (which turned out to be another companies product). Even though it wasn't your software causing the problem you helped me solve it and prevented many more hours of frustration."
Bruce J. - New York, USA

"RegDefend is a very powerful registry protection system, for those that like to set it and forget it the standard rule set will suffice but for the more advanced user there is a whole host of features to play with."
Alan B. - United Kingdom

"I have used CryptoSuite pretty much since it was released and still use it daily with the military grade encrypted chat from my own PC. Even my ISP can't trace me back, and since I control the server instead of using some far away different one (AIM) it is safer . With so many features in one small program I am amazed how it all fits! The support is very good, they answered my questions very quickly."
Jooske V. - Netherlands