ProcX displays all running processes and modules on your systems. It is a necessity to monitor running processes on your system to determine if anything malicious may be running. ProcX allows you to perform various functions on these running processes and DLLs. ProcX is especially useful for system administrators who disinfect computers.

ProcX works on Windows 2000,XP and 2003

ProcX was designed and coded by gkweb (Guillaume Kaddouch) for Ghost Security.

  • Display running processes and modules and view the resource usage
  • Delete process or module even when in use
  • Shows the processes accessing the network
  • Shows network accesses on request
  • Shows when a program tries to use a system process name
  • Displays loaded DLLs per process
  • Allow you to terminate a process in various ways (normal, higher, brutal)
  • Allow you to terminate, delete and/or rename a process
  • Allow you to set a process or a DLL to be deleted at next reboot
  • Compute MD5 checksum fingerprint of any process and copy it into the clipboard
  • Search a process name on Google
  • View properties of a process
  • Suspend/Resume/Terminate a process
  • Memory dump of a process
ProcX Screenshots

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Download ProcX

Version: 1.000
Size: 55KB

ProcX is completely free for personal and corporate use

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