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Real customer opinions!

"Thank you for tracking down the problem I was having on my machine (which turned out to be another companies product). Even though it wasn't your software causing the problem you helped me solve it and prevented many more hours of frustration."
Bruce J. - New York, USA

"RegDefend & AppDefend form the only two security applications I have, that as a Windows XP 64 user these are the only tools I know that offer driver level protection - One big bonus in my opinion."
Alan B. - United Kingdom

"I just wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for your new program Appdefend. I have come to appreciate how much your first program Regdefend protects the registry from software making changes in critical areas without my knowledge. Appdefend extends that protection, by an order of magnitude, by extending that protection to applications on my system."
Peter S. - Washington DC, USA