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CryptoSuite is an easy to use, but extremely secure encryption software package for Windows operating systems. Using a proprietary storage format with the most secure cryptographic algorithms, CryptoSuite ensures your sensitive data will remain protected.

Includes secure file/folder encryption, instant messaging and more!

CryptoSuite runs on Windows XP, 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP64

CryptoSuite Features

CryptoSuite includes a wide assortment of features including the following :-

  • Secure encryption algorithms used (RSA/RIJNDAEL/TWOFISH)
  • Encrypt files and folders into secure archives.
  • Make Self Extracting Secure Archives
  • View encrypted files with security.
  • Secure delete files to make them unrecoverable from undeleting.
  • Secure delete free disk space to stop old file recovery.
  • Secure internet/lan messaging client and server.
  • Checksumming to identify altered files and text.
  • Low CPU, MEMORY and RESOURCE usage.
  • Benchmark your computer with Cryptographic operations.
  • Easy to use encryption software whilst backed by secure algorithms.
CryptoSuite Screenshots

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Version: 1.10
Size: 1.65MB

CryptoSuite starts off as a full trial version which turns into a free limited version after 30 days. At any time you can purchase CryptoSuite and uprade it to the full version.

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Real customer opinions!

"I have used CryptoSuite pretty much since it was released and still use it daily with the military grade encrypted chat from my own PC. Even my ISP can't trace me back, and since I control the server instead of using some far away different one (AIM) it is safer . With so many features in one small program I am amazed how it all fits! The support is very good, they answered my questions very quickly."
Jooske V. - Netherlands

"RegDefend & AppDefend form the only two security applications I have, that as a Windows XP 64 user these are the only tools I know that offer driver level protection - One big bonus in my opinion."
Alan B. - United Kingdom

"AppDefend is a permanent fixture on my computer even at a beta level. The stability your products have on my machine even in an alpha or beta condition prove to me that you know what you are doing. Keep up the great work and hurry up with the new software! I can't wait."
Danilo T. - Spain